This post is dedicated to you who sometimes, (or most of the time) feel like you’re not very good at life.  You, like me, look around at other people who seem to have it a together – cute outfits, good job, well behaved kids, decorated houses, and so on.    I am here to remind you (and mostly me) that this feeling is merely an illusion.  We all feel like that sometimes.  For me, when I have these feelings, I kinda feel a little guilty because right now and for the first time in my life I feel completely and totally loved by another human being. But if you are like me, here we are…. feeling like losers, like you’ve missed something, that you have no idea how to go about my daily life with meaning and purpose.  Wait a MINUTE!! Oh wait, isn’t that the REST of the world????  MY GOAL has always been for my life to be one of the perception that everyone else has their life together is truly a false view of the reality.  When we compare ourselves to other people it only sets us up to feel diminished and inconsequential.  Aren’t we all searching for meaning, for our lives to have some kind of impact on someone or something, even if it’s just ours?  TO be connected, belong to community?
I suppose that one cannot expect all aspects of a life to go smoothly all in convergence.  What would the challenge be there?   Too often in everyday life we get caught up in the mundane, the tedious and routine.  But I desire a better life, a fuller one.  A life filled with adventure.  I want to be always learning, always growing, always seeking.     While all is wholly wonderful in my relationship and home life, I have to confess, I have been having a hard time in my work life lately.  Mind you,  am running a business and feeling overwhelmed every day.

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